Letting Go


“Listen to your inner wisdom, let go of something today that you no longer need — something that is draining your energy without benefiting you or anyone you love.”  Arianna Huffington, Thrive

Every January, I get the itch to get rid of the old and to make room for the new.  I try to tackle a small project each day, cleaning out a drawer or a closet (depending on my level of energy).  It takes dedication and determination to contain the chaos of our messy lives.

Last weekend, we began experiencing technical difficulties with our cable, which resulted in a Cox service call. The technician left with our old cable box and countless hours of unwatched shows and movies on our old DVR.  At first I was a little sad, thinking of all the programs that I had not had time to get to yet.  But when it came time to reschedule my recordings, I realized that I honestly couldn’t think of a single program that mattered.

And, I recognized that my DVR list felt a lot like a lengthy “to do” list, which actually drained my energy.  Not the point, right? So, tonight, I’m thankful for my broken cable box and blank DVR. Rather than racing to the couch after tucking my kids into bed, I’ve received the gift of time:  Time to declutter, to plan and to ponder.

Letting Go

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